Radu Boy of Romania 26’

(En anglais)

Le premier film d’André Waksman. Film pour enfants tourné dans la région de Maramuresh au nord de la Roumanie en 1971. Vendu dans le monde entier du Japon aux Etats-Unis, de la Suède à l’Italie en passant par… l’Amérique du sud.

The first film by André Waksman. Film for children shot in the region of Maramuresh in northern Romania in 1971. Sold around the world from Japan to the United States, from Sweden to Italy via … South America.

Nicolae Ceaușescu was already in power since 1965. Radu’s brother writes from Rumania:

« He was born in May 1959. His life was a farmer until 1986 after which he moved to town: After the 1989 revolution in Romania’s situation was constantly changing and he decided to go to France in 1997 after many failing to leave the country for us to create a better life than the one he took it! But in August 1998, was found dead in the house where he lived in Paris. » A tragic ending to this short life !